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Select a BLM Mustang via Zoom on Nov. 19 adoption ingate

the T from horsetrader sales staff

he Bureau of Land Management California Wild Horse and Burro Program, in partnership with

Sacramento County Sheriff’s office, will be offering for adoption up to eight sad- dle-trained horses on Thursday Nov. 19 at 6 p.m. The BLM will be conducting the adop- tion via Zoom, and in order to bid and par- ticipate in the Zoom call, participants must have an approved adoption application and a bidder number. For more information, con- tact the BLM at (916) 978-4678. Particpants also can fill out an online adoption appli- cation at htps:// gov/files/4710-010.pdf and email it to adu- The registration deadline is Nov. 18 at 4 p.m., and because of processing time, the BLM will not accept registrations aſter the deadline. Pick-up for the ani- mals will be on Dec. 12 at Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center (R3C) in Elk Grove. Those interested can view the horses at and also get more detailed information. Inmates at R3C performed the saddle-training of these horses to prepare them for adoption. for you to adopt. The BLM asks that all participants read the adoption requirements at the fol- lowing link: htps:// files/wildhorse_adoptionsandsales_gen- eralreq_9.11.19.pdf To learn more about the BLM’s Wild horse and Burro Program, see the ad on page 25.


ince 1973, it’s been a family affair at The Shoein’ Shop in Yucaipa. The venerable farrier supply business

was started by Lee Green in 1973. Lee and Charlote, their children, and grandchildren all have a part in making the shop run the way it does — and they LOVE their family business! Lee started shoeing with his father from a

very early age, and as an 11-year-old was able to shoe a horse by himself in 1953. He was shoeing professionally in Nephi, Utah, while still in high school before he leſt in 1964 to shoe mules down in the Grand Canyon. Occasionally, he would work a pack trip, and around the same period he also was shoeing and packing at Reds Meadow in Mammoth

The Shoein’ Shop

Lakes for a couple summers. Lee and Charlote moved to Yucaipa in 1969, and aſter a few years, he decided to buy a property. He built a barn so people could bring their horses to him, hence the name The Shoein’ Shop! While he was shoeing, Charlote was running the shop. Eventually, his daughters started to manage the store. From 1980-2013, Lee travelled all over Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the U.S., conducting clinics and sharing his knowledge. His son, Portor, who is also a far- rier, is going to follow in Lee’s footsteps and do the same. Lee quit shoeing in 2004 to focus on the

business, and today the shop has more than 20,000 square feet of business space hold- ing thousands of products, supplying many other shops in the U.S. The whole family works together to make this place great, and it’s quick to say that they could not do this without their customers, to whom they are very grateful. Need something? The Shoein’ Shop has

thousands of items, and the best bet is that they have it! And if they don’t, they will get it for you and make you happy — as they have strived to do for more than 40 years. And take note of the discounts! If you spend $500 or more before tax and shipping, get 5 percent off your order with the coupon code: fivepercent. If you spend $1,000 or more before tax and shipping, get 10 per- cent off of your order with the coupon code: tenpercent. These discounts will always be available to you, and the Shoein’ SHop gladly ships! Visit or call (909) 794-3455. See ad on page 18.


he BX Series is a sub-compact tractor with the power and versatility to han- dle a wide range of jobs. Smaller than

a full-size tractor and easier to operate, the sub-compact BX80 Series has the power and

versatility to take on your toughest garden- ing, landscaping, and property maintenance jobs. A fuel-efficient 3-cylinder diesel engine provides plenty of power to haul, climb, and pull your way through even the most challenging tasks. The new optional two-le- ver quick coupler on the loader combined with Land Pride’s three-point quick hitch system, lets you hook up to more front and rear implements, leting you handle a wider range of jobs. The BX Series even makes maintenance easier with a hood that fully opens to provide quick access to all service- able areas of the engine. Easier operation, superior comfort, and

new and simpler systems for ataching and detaching implements that let you switch jobs like a pro — an unbeatable combina- tion! Kubota invented the sub-compact die- sel tractor so that even novices can comfort- ably and efficiently perform a variety of gar- dening, landscaping, and general property maintenance tasks. Now Kubota introduces the new BX80 Series, with improved opera- tor comfort and the new Kubota Swiſt-Tach Front Loader, you can quickly and easily remove the front loader without geting off the tractor. The BX23S comes equipped with Kubota’s Swiſt-Connect Backhoe for all those digging jobs. Meticulous engineering leads to legendary

reliability and excellent value – hallmarks of a Kubota tractor. At Inland Kubota, they listen to their customers. Quality, innovative and easy-to-use design – that’s a Kubota. Contact Inland Kubota in Redlands to schedule your test-drive today - (909) 795- 1771. See ad on page 44.

Kubota BX80 Series

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