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shows are run on a more rigid schedule to comply with the new normal. The sideline socializing will be reduced. We all must remember what is at stake and heed the new rules. IEHJA’s biggest challenge will

be to assist the various show managers in implementing the Covid safety rules. Additionally, geting the word out to compet- itors that shows have restarted and will be held as scheduled is a major challenge. Four IEHJA sanctioned shows are scheduled for June: Willowbrook Riding Club Saddle Series, June 7th in Desert Hot Springs; Ramona Valley Hunter/Jumper Show, June 14th at Creek Hollow Ranch, Ramona; Showcase Show Series, June 20th at Showcase Training Stables, Redlands and South Coast Show Series, June 28th, at Sweetwater Farms, Bonita IEHJA is busy planning its

year end “Fall Festival” horse show to be held November 5th-8th at Galway Downs in Temecula. For more informa-

tion please check our website at

Mimi Gaffney AHA Region One


think that one of the major issues for the foreseeable future for Region One is

whether, with all the restrictions at this time, would anyone really come to show.? If the Del Mar Fairgrounds does not get the funding that they need to stay open, where we would we hold our Region One show? Del Mar is a des- tination place and this helps bring in people from Nevada, Arizona and even from Northern California to our show. At this point in time there is

not too much we can do as far as the Fairgrounds is concerned except write to our state legis- lators and try to make sure that they put money where it is really needed — the Fairgrounds — and not toss it away on give-away programs. As to the protocols that we will have to use, that remains to be seen and will have

to be addressed as things move forward. Of course there will be chang- es. I don’t think that you will see people congregating along the rail like they used to. There will be stringent changes into the way the barn area is handled. What these will be is anyone’s guess. And there is always the possibility that even when things are back to “normal”, people may not want to take the risk of coming to a horse show. They may have decided to just enjoy their horses at home or

turn their show horse into a trail horse and just enjoying nature. Our club’s biggest challenge will be to get enough people and horses to make money on the show. If we don’t get the number that we need to break even, we will lose money and we can’t keep doing that year aſter year. People need to feel secure and safe and also have the discre- tionary income to afford to come and want come to a horse show.

Mimi Gaffney

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