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June 1, 2020 ingate the

Letter-writing campaign is underway for troubled Del Mar Fairgrounds

I from horsetrader sales staff

t’s hard to imagine San Diego County without the Del Mar Fairgrounds, but General Manager Tim Fennel

announced in late May that unless the state- run facility gets some financial help, its future is uncertain.

non-gaited breed, Hope Adams, owner and trainer, works hard to match up horses with riders to create that perfect riding team. With over 40 years in the making, AA Ranch has come to know gaited horses. From foals to finish, Hope can help you achieve your goals with your gaited horse. AA Ranch accepts all gaited breeds, ponies and minis. Call or text (951) 295-0408 or visit

E The Fairgrounds urged residents to

write their elected officials in support of a request by the 22nd District Agricultural Association, which operates the facility, for a $20 million share of the federal econom- ic aid package available to state and local agencies affected by the COVID-19 crisis. A website, has sample leters, emails and tweets for people to use to lobby local leaders to help the fairgrounds. It lists telephone numbers for elected officials and suggests people can share their fairgrounds photos online, or buy a fairgrounds-printed T-shirt to support the cause. “We need people’s help,” said Tim. “I can’t stress that enough.”


A Ranch (pronounced Double A Ranch). is well known for its quality, professional training and sales of

gaited horses. Four- beat gaited horses are in high demand for trail riding. From Missouri Fox Troters, Rocky Mountain Horses, Tennessee Walking Horse, and Spoted Saddle Horses, to the occasional

very day, Elk Grove Milling strives for one goal: the Health, Wellness and Happiness of your animals. Owner

Bob Lent and his staff are on the cut- ting edge of the feed industry, developing innovations in the pelleting world. Producing complete animal feeds since 1982, Stable Mix™ and other Elk Grove Milling feed products have become recommended standards of the industry; recommended by farriers and veterinarians alike. Elk Grove Milling’s mission statement: To man- ufacture and distribute high quality horse, catle, chicken, pig and goat feeds which provide 100 percent of your animals’ daily requirement of vitamins and minerals in a convenient pelleted feed that your animals will love. Elk Grove Milling Stable Mix™ calculator, can help you with your daily amount of feed. Every breed of horse, horse discipline and how your horse lives from day to day dictates how they should be fed. Yet we all do the same thing, we feed flakes of forage and sometimes add vitamins. Elk Grove Milling’s Stable Mix is a complete pellet, meaning that it contains enough fiber (max 32%) when fed as directed it can safely replace the other sources of forage in your horse’s ration. Stable Mix also con- tains almond hulls, a form of super fiber that provides more calories to your horse than hay, but in a safer form than grains. Almond hulls, like hay, are digested in your horse’s hindgut. Unlike hay, Stable Mix comes with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to ensure that all of your horse’s

nutritional needs are met. We don’t just use any minerals, we use Zinpro Performance Minerals. These patented organic minerals are unique in the marketplace. Elk Grove Milling offers Stable Mix™, Stable Mix™ with Glucosamine & Chondroitin, Stable Mix Lite™, Stable Mix Futurity™, Senior Stable Mix™, Senior Stable Mix™ with Glucosamine & Chondroitin, Sport Horse Mix™ with Glucosamine & Chondroitin, Get Go™, Ultra Mate™, and G.I. Stable- ez™ along with other livestock feeds. For more information or to ask us any questions, please contact us at (888) 346-7649 or email us at customerservice@elkgrovemilling. com. Visit See ad on page 42.


id O Rock, the original rock removal and dirt reconditioning company, creates rock-free arenas and ranch

grounds using the patented machine by Joe Chavez. The first part of the process is to break open the ground and loosen the dirt down to a min- imum of six inches in depth and remove any rocks larger that a cantaloupe by hand. Aſter breaking as many dirt clods as possible, the process of screening and catching rock in the machine’s hopper begins. With con- tinual passes, the machine catches debris down to 3/8" and the process removes excess in-ground moisture. In the final pass, the waves of screened dirt are smoothed into a finely tuned riding surface that is ready for use. Rid O Rock serves Southern California, lower Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. To speak with Joe, call (602) 284-3749 or visit for more information. Rid O Rock… the name says it all. See ad on page 26.

The In Gate column is composed by the sales staff at the California Horsetrader. If you would like to put the California Horsetrader and to work for you, please call the display sales staff at 760/546-1184, or e-mail to:


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